Zach Lardy is a full-time musician/ producer/ and songwriter who has a passion to help artists create to the best of their abilities. Being a part of the local music scene as well as on a national touring level with the band VOTA, Zach has had many opportunities to develop his craft and grow musically. His skill set includes being a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, but his passion is to write music and develop those songs into a professional product in the studio. Having had professional studio experience in Minneapolis and Nashville, he is excited to help musicians in the Omaha area create great art.

Some of his favorite things include great melodies, Vernor’s ginger ale, N64, Mae, touring, and much coffee.

Contact Info

(701) 202-3422


**Prices and rates vary by project. 
Please contact Zach by phone or email for more details on prices and rates.