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     “Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate.”  This quote from Bon Jovi has ruled his life ever since he was introduced to the trumpet in 5th grade. Throughout middle school and high school, Zach’s curiosity for this new life of music was turned into passion as it was fostered through the enjoyment of it all and the new friends that he made. As his skills developed through the help of private teachers and love of the music experience, All-state ensembles and various honor bands solidified Zach’s desire to continue music in college.

     Zach chose to attend the University of Nebraska Omaha to pursue a Music Education degree. While attending UNO, Zach’s love of music really shined through while he participated in every ensemble he possibly could. He also performed at many locations both here and abroad, with many guest artists and played at many gigs in the area. After many awe-inspiring musical experiences, he decided that he would continue following his dream of playing music professionally through hard work and dedication. He graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree while pursuing a double major of Music Performance and Psychology.

     Since graduation, Zach has been pursuing the option of studying music in graduate school and involving music in his life as much as possible through teaching trumpet here at the 402 Arts Collective. Zach’s hope in teaching is that his students learn not just to play what’s on the page, but also feel the music within them. He hopes to convey every part of his musical life journey to his students and help them realize that music should never be about competition, but should always be about the music-making experience. Through these hopes, Zach strives to provide a comfortable yet goal-oriented atmosphere for his students.

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Express - 30 Min Session per week
$109 / Month

Standard - 60 Min Session per week
$218 / Month