1. Get a Practice Pack from your Artist Instructor for this week's practicing. 

2. After you've practiced, place a sticker for the day you've practiced. You can put a sticker on a day of practice no matter how long or short you've practiced. All that matters is that you've practiced for that day! 

3. Try to get 7 days in a row of practicing! If you get all 7 days, you can add the 8th sticker on the 402 logo for bonus streak points! 

4. Write your name on the practice pack and have your parent or guardian sign the back of the card. Practice packs without guardian signature will not be counted so make sure to get that crucial signature!! 

5. Bring your practice pack with you to your next lesson and drop it in the Practice Challenge Dropbox in the waiting room.  

6. Check the whiteboard in the East Waiting Room to see the Challenge Standings for the overall individual practicers and leading team from that week's practice! 

7. Grab another Practice Pack for next week's practice from your Artist Instructor. 

8. Get to practicing! 



  • Searin' Strings Team- Violin, Viola, Cello, Upright Bass
  • Virtuoso Voices Team- Voice
  • Dynamite Drums Team- Drums and Percussion
  • Catchy Keys Team- Piano, Keyboard
  • Rollicking Rockers Team- Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele
  • Awesome Artists- Trumpet, Trombone, Wind Instruments, Visual Arts, Acting