Music really entered Tanya's life when she made the decision to join band and choir in 5th grade.  By the time she entered high school, she was a self-proclaimed music nerd. Tanya became actively involved in all of the ensembles and musical theatre opportunities offered.  Once she finished high school, she decided to pursue a career in music, attending Luther College in Decorah, Iowa.  While studying there, Tanya performed in many of the choirs, along with taking private studio lessons. 

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, she made the move from her home in Wisconsin to Omaha to complete her student teaching for her teaching certificate. While here in Omaha, she fell in love with the culture of the city and the students she gets to work with, and decided to make Omaha her permanent home. As life continues to detour and change, music has remained the constant source of joy, whether she's singing silly songs with her students at work, blasting the radio as she cleans her house, or listening to a live band play.


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