Patrick's main focus as an artist is music composition. He has a PhD from the University of North Texas in composition with a minor in theory. He has written works that have been performed internationally and has spent much of my life in the pursuit of musical knowledge. He has also played guitar for over 20 years in many styles and bands. Primarily in the last 5 years, he has been a guitar player for church worship and is fluent on all the sounds and styles of contemporary worship music. He has a background in recording and live sound was the production director for a church in Flower Mound Texas for three years, where he oversaw both recording of performance and live sound. He has recently started a full-time position at First City Church in Bellevue. 


Lessons Offered

  • Guitar
  • Classical Guitar
  • Theory
  • Audio Technology/Digital Recording
  • Live Audio



Contact Info

(940) 536-5131


Express - 30 Min Session per week
$109 / Month

Standard - 60 Min Session per week
$218 / Month