Patrick Raz Duvall is a Music Director and multi-instrumentalist with a focus on keyboards and synthesizers. Patrick spent the first 23 years of his life in Los Angeles, one of the world’s most renowned hubs for both music and art. There he developed a unique musical perspective and accompanied artists and musicians associated with One Republic, Tyrone Wells, Phil Whickham and Frank Ocean, to name a few.

He recently made the transition to Omaha, Nebraska with his soon-to-be wife, Kathryn Stevens, who was born and raised in Omaha. Patrick has spent the last eight years in L.A. developing his musicianship, performing with local artists and developing leadership at one of the largest and most “cutting-edge” churches in the Los Angeles area named Crossroads Christian Church, Corona. It was at this church that Patrick unearthed a passion for aiming the next generation to becoming musicians that embody humility and excellence. He spent eight years developing a program whose sole purpose is to raise up young musicians in these character traits, and he is anticipating bringing this same transformative purpose to Benson. 

Here at the 402 Arts Collective, Patrick is in charge of Musician Collective, a completely unique space in Omaha where young artists can discover their musical identity and develop their musicianship.