Get to know Nate! He is a 24-year-old music producer who lives with his wife Eleni in Omaha, NE. He loves laughter and looks to make every moment into a fun enjoyable experience. That’s why he loves helping others grow in their talents and giftings, seeing their potential and helping to bring it into fruition.

Nate teaches audio engineering (the process of recording music) as well as music production (arrangement, instrumentation, sound selection, mixing, mastering, and more).

As an artist, he enjoys creating urban and lofi hip hop, pop, and worship music. Some of his influences are illmind, J Dilla, LANY, Bethel Music, to name a few. If you’re interested in working with him, he offers recording, production, and mixing/mastering services. Click the “Recording Project Submission” button below.

To discuss music production lessons, contact Nate by phone or email! If you’re ready to schedule, click the “Register” button below.


Lessons Offered

Digital Recording
Audio Production



OPTION A: $45.00 Hour

OPTION B: Starting at $500.00 per track

Contact Info

(402) 917-7907‬