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what is The 402 Arts Collective?

The 402 Arts Collective is a vibrant network of artists who are committed to impacting the culture and serving the Omaha, Nebraska community. We foster a vibrant and growing collective of artists who are on a mission to serve others and enrich the lives of those they teach and mentor. This community of artists have joined their resources together to make a greater impact together collectively on our community. Through teaching, creating, and performing, the students learn important life skills such as self-confidence, an appreciation of excellence, teamwork, and communication.

Through the various stages of creative expression – Education, Creation, and Performance – The 402 Arts Collective provides the catalyst to a richer arts culture in our community. A number of valuable programs have grown from this gathering of talents and resources. Programs, including The 402 Rock Academy, 402 Lessons Studio, and Arts Education Connection, are dedicated to providing tangible training and instruction to students of all ages. Other programs, such as The 402 Venue and The 402 Recording Studio, are designed to provide local artist avenues to hone their talent and craft.

The 402 Arts Collective was created to fill a need that exists in our community for a renewed support system and approach in arts education.  

The 402 Arts Collective seeks to bring the relational mentoring approach to arts education by creating venues for real artists to give back to their community. The focus is creating ways for these artists to succeed in what they do, live healthy lives, and pass on passion for their art form to the next generation.

The 402 Arts Collective is located in the heart of Omaha’s thriving arts and music scene in historic downtown Benson.  

The facility itself exemplifies the very heart of The 402 Arts Collective by providing a safe environment for mentoring and learning. We have called it “The 402,” a public gathering space that celebrates both art and community.  Our Lesson Studios and Rock Academy programs call this one-hundred-year-old newly renovated building home. We have created multiple creative studio spaces for music and art lessons, creative start-ups, group classes, rehearsal spaces, and a state-of-the-art performance stage for local and national artists.

The 402 Arts Collective is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Come and see how you might support this growing community of passionate servant-hearted artists in our city. With your help, we are able to continue to provide music and art education and mentorship to those who don't have these resources in our community.