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Michaela grew up spending a great deal of time outdoors and creating. She found that those experiences allowed her to feel connected to the world. She studied Environmental Studies at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and it was after college that she began to truly create. Through her work, she learned how creative outlets could be rewarding, educational and healing, and how art builds community, peace and understanding. Although Michaela had been drawing and painting as long as she could remember, she really began to focus on watercolor painting after friends gave her a kit at age 16.

One of her favorite things about art is the opportunity to learn and gain problem solving skills. Though watercolor is her primary practice, she also use acrylics, draws, sews and use plant materials in her work (petals, branches, dried flowers). 


Mon - Fri: All Day

Art is one of the favorite ways she tries to understand the world, whether viewing, listening or creating. She is deeply influenced by the beauty of nature, and try to imitate the fine details of the natural world in her work. She also likes to draw imagined subject matter that portrays a narrative related to personal, social or political topics. She began selling stationary at the Gifford Park Market in 2013, and you can still find her there, as well as at craft fairs, maker markets, and by commission.


Lessons Offered

Mixed Media

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(402) 953-7299




Express - $112 / Month

Standard - $224 / Month