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After picking up his father’s guitar at the ripe age of thirteen, Matt has never since stopped playing music. Over the last decade, he has been in the ongoing process of honing his skills as an expert guitarist and versatile musician. He has performed with a variety of groups across the city-namely, a modern gospel group, a jazz trio, several local bands, at a variety of churches, the top UNO Jazz Ensemble, as well as other groups.

As a passionate artist, Matt seeks to not only teach students a new skill set, but to cultivate their love and appreciation for music. Instilling valuable life skills such as discipline, passion for high quality, and a good work ethic--Matt challenges his students to become their best and advance in their mastery of technique.


Lessons Offered

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Contact Info

(402) 517-5042



Express - 30 Min Session per week
$109 / Month

Standard - 60 Min Session per week
$218 / Month