Josh grew up surrounded by a musical family, so it was only natural he would want to play music himself.  At age five he started taking piano lessons and by 5th grade he was ready to start playing an instrument in school band.  Young Josh wanted to play the bass guitar, but his mom told him that the only way he could play bass is if he learned tuba first.  She was very adamant that Josh learn a concert band instrument, and tuba seemed like most closely related to the bass.  Josh had reluctantly agreed to her terms, and by the 6th grade, he had earned myself a bass guitar.  He didn't realize at that time that twelve years later, he would earn himself a Bachelor of Arts degree for tuba performance at Augustana College in Sioux Falls.

Throughout high school and college, he stayed busy playing bass and tuba in every group he could.  This included concert band, marching band, jazz band, swing choir, brass choir, various musicals, variety shows, orchestras, and the occasional recital.  Josh loved performing in a wide variety of ensembles because it broadens his entire musical knowledge and sensibilities. In college he was also a music theory tutor, helped with summer music camps, and liked to dabble in music composition in his spare time.

After college, Josh decided to combine his passion of music with his love of woodworking, so he attended the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery in Phoenix.  There, he learned the craft of guitar making and was able to build an acoustic guitar and two electric basses from scratch.  He also took home a huge amount of knowledge about stringed instrument maintenance and repair.  This led him to his career as a stringed instrument repair technician here in Omaha at Schmitt Music.  He builds custom instruments for "J Lund Basses" on the side.

Currently, he performs with the "Scandinavian Brass" at Lord of Love Lutheran Church and with the Nebraska Wind Symphony.  Josh also takes every chance he can get to sit in with local jazz or rock groups when they'll have him.

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