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Joshua Cole is a singer/songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. Having Joshua as a coach is for those looking to have singing/songwriting as a profession and/or hobby in the 13+ category. Along with songwriting he teaches beginner guitar and piano. Helping you sing and play the songs that are inside of you. Joshua pulls from CrossFit themes. He wants to see you pushed to your creative limits and not waiting to feel inspired. In the same way we don’t wait to feel like working out, Joshua believes we make creativity a scheduled practice. He says, “That’s when we know we went from amatuer to pro. When we do the writing when nothing’s there. That’s where the magic happens.”

Joshua is also stoked as a coach that you get to see him in real time pursue his own musical journey. He says “You guys get to watch me hit my head, stub my toe, and hit home runs. Every place I hit my head, you won’t have to. And everywhere I hit a home run you’re set up for a grand slam! But remember it always takes work!”


Lessons Offered

Beginner Piano
Group Class Guitar


West Lesson Studios
”The 402” Lesson Studios 



Contact Info

(402) 630-3345‬




Express - 30 Min Session per week
$112 / Month

Standard - 60 Min Session per week
$224 / Month