Jillian Walmer was born and raised on a Nebraska farm near Orchard, NE. Growing up as an only child, she found her sense of imagination to fill her days with excitement and storytelling with her imaginary friends. This sense of adventure transcended into high school where she found a skill in storytelling with her speech team and drama club. She metaled in State Speech two years in a row for her Humorous Prose pieces. 

It was not until Jillian was accepted to Doane College in 2012 that she really found her niche. Theatre. The four years that followed gave Jillian the experience of acting in seven main stage performances at Doane Theatre; filming and directing her own written works; working in the costume shop; taking multiple acting classes including voice, movement, script analysis, playwriting, and finally, her theatre degree. 

Outside of college, Jillian has interned at Omaha Community Playhouse where she helped manage a two week course for kids theatre. She made props, helped choreograph routines, managed children's safety, ran errands, and most importantly made sure everyone was having fun. She has also taught acting courses for Doane Theatre Conference that high schoolers attended on campus. 

Jillian's main objective as an artist is to help and teach others the beauty of theatre. She loves to see the confidence it brings to the human soul as they discover how to connect to others and the words of a scene. When asked why she thinks theatre is important, Jillian said, "To tell stories is the basis of who we are. From sitting around a camp fire with our elders to bed time tales of dragons and fairies, we all know how to commit and empathize with characters. And that skill of empathizing with fiction and truth can change how a person looks at the world."

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