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   Jessica Hottman has always been involved in the creative arts. She practically came out the womb singing, dancing, writing and acting, and has a passion for anything that involves channeling ideas into art that can be shared with others. In middle school, Jessica began composing her own music both on the piano and vocally. One of her songs was used as music for a local video production company, and since then, she has not stopped writing. She also spent a lot of time performing as a young kid, as the lead in many musicals and plays for both school and church. Many church performances involved singing and acting in front of thousands of people. Jessica also has two sisters who sing and play music and the trio has sang national anthems together, performed in a jazz band, and sang as the featured artists for many Omaha events and weddings. 

    In high school, Jessica began leading worship ministry as a singer and a new-found acoustic guitar player. She continued performing in a band-type setting all throughout high school and into college. In college she started a band that performed in venues around the midwest area. She also managed to get her degree in Elementary Education and worked as a Resident Assistant on The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s South Campus, planning monthly events and working to create a welcoming environment for her residents. 

    Once Jessica graduated, she took a few months off to really get back into writing music and composed all new songs on her new electric guitar. Jessica decided it was time to take her music in a new direction and formed a band called “The Hottman Sisters.” The band began with just her and her older sister, Heather Hottman, who plays synth in the project. After a few months of performing locally in venues like The Waiting Room and The Slowdown, the band expanded to three members, adding a drummer. The band is regularly booked in the Omaha and Lincoln area and has been on six national tours to places like Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, Madison, WI, and other cities in the US. 

    Jessica was the former Communications Assistant for the 402 and had to take time off for touring. She now returns to the 402 as the new Marketing Assistant. She enjoys this position, where she can use her skills to impact her community. 

“I love performing music in front of people. It is my passion and is the place where I feel most at home. I love that music can stir something deep within the heart of person and make them feel a way they never thought possible. However, I equally love working behind the scenes to lift up others who have major musical and artistic talent and to find ways to bring their talent to the eyes of the community.” 

     Her focus at the 402 is to market and promote the 402, as well as the incredible Artist Instructors that make up the organization.