Jaymeson has been taking private piano lessons since he was about six year old. He finished taking lessons at the age of eighteen, and has built up lots of experience over the years. The last two of these years, were as a piano performance major, under Dr. Johnson, at the University of Nebraska - Omaha.

     In middle school and high school, Jaymeson was living in Idaho, and played violin in the school orchestra, as well as in his church's worship band. He also played keyboard with his brother in a rock band. When he was sixteen, he soloed with his hometown's local orchestra (1st mvt of Prokofiev's Third Piano Concerto) after co-winning their Young Artist competition.

     During college, he accompanied a couple vocal students, competed in local competitions, performed with the Heartland Philharmonic, played in the UNO Jazz II group and helped a few music majors with their class piano course.

     Currently, Jaymeson writes music with FL Studio for his friends who make video games. He also has been taking drum lessons and spends time improvising on piano. Jaymeson enjoys all aspects of music: playing it, analyzing it and talking about it. He is a true lover of music. 

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