this instructor is not accepting any new students until november 2018

     Jacque's interest in art and design began at an early age. She is told she was drawing between the lines long before she can remember, and would spend free time drawing a wide range of things including portraits, floor plans, and her favorite cartoon characters. If it had to do with art or drawing she was all in, and that still holds true today.

     Her mother, an artist herself, was her main coach and advocate of her art interests growing up. She would take the time to critique her work or offer a new perspective whenever possible, only pushing her to be a better artist in the end. 

     Jacque's art interests were never fully developed until she attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln to pursue a degree in Interior Design. After countless hours and all-nighters spent meeting project deadlines, she knew she had found something she was truly passionate about. She graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. Jacque currently works full time as an Interior Designer in Omaha. 

     Jacque uses hand sketching and computer generated renders to communicate ideas and inspiration to coworkers and clients on a day to day basis. She also has significant experience with marker drawing, craftsmanship, and graphic design which she enjoys practicing in her free time. One of Jacque's most valued life experiences has been finding her passion for art and design and she hopes to inspire others to explore their own passions through these various forms of art while doing what she loves. 

this instructor is not accepting new students until november

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Express - $109 / Month
(30min lesson per week)

Standard - $218/ Month
(60min lesson per week)

Group - $118 / Month
(60min session per week)


Lessons Offered

Perspective/Perceptual Drawing

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(308) 520-7041