Since beginning piano lessons at the age of 7, music has been a large influence in Hannah’s life.  While continuing to study piano through high school, she also taught herself to play guitar, which lead to her involvement as a guitarist and vocalist in various bands at Glad Tidings Church.  After realizing that she wanted to continue pursuing her musical interests in college, Hannah was classically trained in piano at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, from which she received her Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education.  During this time, she enjoyed gaining experience playing as a soloist, in ensembles, and as a collaborative pianist. Hannah has also performed at multiple locations throughout Omaha, both as a pianist and as a vocalist with the UNO Concert Choir.

      As she has continued pursuing and expanding her musical interests, Hannah has discovered just how much she truly loves creating music and sharing that joy with others.  Whether it be through singing, dancing or playing, she loves reaching that “golden moment” when she can be vulnerable in the music and connect with it emotionally, allowing her to express herself through her art.  This love for creating music has also translated into her joy in teaching it, as teaching gives her the opportunity to help guide her students along their own musical journeys.  Hannah’s hope is to take all she has learned in regards to both technical skills and personal expression, and share that passion with her students.  She wants her students to discover the joy of learning and playing for themselves, and to realize how music can be so much more than just playing the notes on the page.

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