Giving opportunities

*all donations are tax deductible.


Help students without financial resources find their way to a lessons studio, studying an art form with an Artist Instructor because of your donation. All funds go to our financial aid fund. Financial aid applications are accepted all year.  


The 402 Venue is home to one of Omaha's only all-ages music performance venues hosting local and national performing artists. This venue is supported by donations from the people of the community. 

Donate tangible resources needed to impact lives at the 402 Arts Collective. Provide for real needs from our students and make possible what would otherwise be impossible for many young and aspiring artists.


Lesson Studio Gift Cards
from 25.00

This gift card can be used towards any of the 402 programs, lessons, classes, or can be used towards helping a student purchase a resource, like a guitar, paint supplies, sketch pads, etc. All lessons take place here in our historic lesson studio facility located in the heart of downtown Benson.