• The 402 Arts Collective (map)
  • 6051 Maple St
  • Omaha, NE, 68104
  • United States

If you have ever wanted to start private music and/or art lessons but just don't know where to start than this event has been made specifically for you.  Grab your kids, your grandma or even you best friend and attend the 402 TRY event. 

Attend this event and meet 402 Artist Instructors who teach various instruments and/or art forms.  Each participant will be able to choose 4 art forms (ex. guitar, piano, brass, painting, drawing, cello, and so much more), 4 instructors (Ben, Steve, Barbara, Roxy, Pat and more) and 4 lessons (specific time scheduled between the participant and instructors). We believe it never hurts to try! 

This event is for all ages and is 100% free. See it really doesn't hurt to try new things! 

Just stop by between 12PM-5PM on Saturday, September 19th.   Learn what makes the 402 the 402. We would love to meet you and help you find your voice.