Sheridan is the work of Midwest songwriter Zach Lardy. With personal experiences that span from touring the country with music to being left homeless from broken promises, Lardy draws upon his diverse background when writing and creating. It is this passionate and honest writing that catches the heart longing for more in everyone.

After a year in the studio and time on the road, Sheridan is finally making its debut with a poignant and artistic freshman effort. With close work alongside producer Justin Wantz, Just Biding Time is an album that is beautifully crafted and wonderfully written. It utilizes passionate lyrics, smooth vocals, and polished production to tell a story of hope and heartbreak, distance and love.

Sheridan is a band with a lot of potential, and one to keep an eye on. Recently off the Love Found Me tour, Sheridan has been seeing national stages with bands such as Capital Kings and VOTA as well as being a part of the LifeLight Tour. With a captivating live show and a natural draw towards their fans, Sheridan is a charming new group that is on the verge of breakthrough, and Just Biding Time is a truly beautiful beginning.