March 4th 6:30PM-9PM

Open the public | All Ages

Benson First Friday

Artist Statement

Photography for me is a vehicle for exploration.  It is a solitary practice.  It is prayer and meditation.  My photography time is deliberately set aside and is usually a solo venture to new places or to old places at new times of day, different seasons of the year, or with some alternative perspective in mind.  I have very little interest in the subject per se.  I don’t care if I am photographing a squirrel or a piece of trash or an old brick wall.  What I choose to focus on is not the obvious subject matter, rather I am most interested in the formal elements of an image i.e.. light and shadow, lines and shapes, textures, patterns, colors and how they interact with each other.  It is those formal elements that drive me to keep looking and to try to fill the space of my viewfinder differently.

That is not to say my photographs are exclusively about those formal elements.  They are also about “Place”.  The images capture some of the intangible elements and emotions of a place in a particular time and season.   Absent are the familiar landmarks that often define a place for the casual observer.  I enjoy filling the space with an image that is unusual and uncommon, but of a place that is surprisingly familiar.

I tend to be drawn to and most enjoy photographing on the boundary where nature has been impacted by humans.  I find the contrast between lines, shapes and textures found in nature and the human world illustrate an on-going conflict that has existed since the beginning of history.  There is something intriguing about the harsh ordered textures of things human-made found in and among the softer more chaotic textures of nature.

I studied photography at Columbia College Chicago graduating in 1989.  While there I was a curatorial intern at the Museum of Contemporary Photography for three years and went on to work in a gallery specializing in photography in the Cherry Creek area of Denver for a year.  After that I went back to school and earned a Master of Divinity degree.  While I chose a profession other than photography I never stopped photographing and have accumulated a large body of work from different places across many periods in my life.