402 Gallery Opening : Cody Wheelock

402 Gallery 6051 Maple Street Omaha NE 68104

His work will be on display and available for purchase for the entire month of April. 

Cody Wheelock was born and raised in small-town Nebraska and discovered a love of drawing at an early age.  While constantly interested in art, it wasn’t until his college years that Cody discovered the artwork of the Old Masters and became interested in traditional drawing and painting methods.  Cody graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2010 and completed his Masters Degree from Boston University in 2013.  
He and his family currently reside in Omaha, Nebraska where he is a full-time art instructor at Brownell-Talbot college prep academy.  In addition to teaching in the private sector, Cody also teaches occasionally at Joslyn Art Museum.  Cody's focus is in traditional drawing and oil painting methods with a special interest in depicting contemporary family life and local landscapes. 
When not painting or teaching, Cody enjoys spending time with his family, being outdoors, and reading.  Cody gives God the glory for all the blessings he has received along the way.