The 402 Community Art Project for January 2016 will be all about the new year.

What is your goal for 2016? We all know how hard it can get changing something about your life. We either have been there or will be at some point in our lives. Let's hold each other accountable and encourage one another through that journey. 

This project will be centered around new years resolutions. Each particpant will write their goal(s) for 2016 on a strip of fabric then tie it to the string. They then will write an encouraging word or two to someone elses. This will ultimately create a chain reaction of encouragement and accountablility. 

This project will be up for the entire month of January in Aromas Coffeehouse(402) Arts Collective. If you cannot make it to the opening you will still have an opportunity to take part in the project during the month of January by visiting us in Benson. 

FREE | All Ages | Open to the public