When Cole was eight years old his dad bought he and his older brother a guitar for Christmas. When it was time for guitar lessons, his little arms were too short to reach the end of the fretboard, so he said to his dad, “Maybe we should wait a few years.” A few years later when he was constantly annoying everyone around him by taping out rhythms on whatever was close at hand, he told his dad, “Maybe I should learn the drums.” So, his parents got him a drum set and there wasn’t a quiet moment in their house until Cole moved away to college.

In sixth grade, after learning his first drum beat, Cole started playing in his Jr. high youth group band. Shortly after that his parents saw that he needed to find a good teacher and he started training under a percussionist who played for the Omaha Symphony. He took lessons for seven years and even though it took a lot of hard work and he wanted to quit more than once, it was this experience that helped him foster an unquenchable love of making music. Having such a great drum teacher inspired Cole to share his love of drumming with others and pass on the things he has learned.

Over the last decade or so Cole has played in several different bands and churches in the Omaha area. If he isn’t playing the drums, he has a song or rhythm going through his head. He’s also probably bouncing his leg, bobbing his head, and/or tapping on whatever happens to be close at hand. Cole firmly believes that whether you are young or old, it is never a bad time to start drumming, and he would be more than happy to teach you.

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Express - $112 / Month
(30min lesson per week)

Standard - $224/ Month
(60min lesson per week)




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