Cody has been playing bass for 21 years, since the age of 10. He took lessons from Bill Roundtree for 12 years, and never wanted to stop learning. Over the years, Cody has developed his own style.

     Cody has played in several local bands like: Monica Eby Band, Mason County Band, Breakaway, McKenzie River Band, and Broken Buckle Band. 

     At the age of 14, he began playing in the Westside Baptist Church Orchestra, and continued playing with the orchestra until he left the church in 2005. He also played on the worship team all throughout high school. After leaving Westside, he began playing on the worship team at Grace Fellowship Church. In 2015, Cody and his wife became the Worship Leaders at GFC, until they stepped down in November of 2017. Currently, Cody is working with his wife and friend, Luke Failla, to write a Christian Contemporary album.

     "I would love to help people craft their skill with the bass guitar and become the type of player they want to be. I love the bass guitar, and believe that it sets the groove for the song. It is what makes you feel the music, and gets you dancing. It is a blast to play! Bass might seem like an easy instrument to learn or not as fun as guitar, keys, or drums, but I feel like that is false. There are so many different styles of bass playing, each one with its own learning curve." ~Cody Valasek

     Cody loves music and the way it can make a person feel. He wants it to be a part of his life every second, and to be able to bring other musicians to that experience of really feeling and knowing that music is amazing.


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