Christina Allred is an accomplished cellist who earned both her Bachelor and Master degrees in Music Performance from The University of Nebraska at Omaha.  She has been a part of the music scene in Omaha for over twenty years as a substitute for the Omaha Symphony, a member of multiple performing groups, and an independent musician.  

      She is also trained in the Suzuki Methodology of String Teaching and has been teaching cello for twelve years. She is also a full time teacher for Omaha Public Schools and teaches Reading and English at Omaha South High School, the district’s arts magnet high school.

      Christina is a longtime advocate of healthy living and reads novels to pass the time.  Being a part of the U.S. Army Military Intelligence field is training that has prepared her for a disciplined life.      

Lessons Offered



Cello Choir Class

Contact Info

(402) 203-6311


Express - 30 Min Session per week
$109 / Month

Standard - 60 Min Session per week
$218 / Month