From traveling with national touring bands to spending hours at the studio in places like Nashville and Minneapolis, Zach Lardy has gained a wide perspective of the vast and often mysterious musical world: the world where artists share their songs and ideas with a studio producer who helps them to refine their sound and to create a quality recording that these artists can then use as a catalyst for playing shows, touring, and making connections. Zach has experienced the many different roles involved in creating well-rounded, successful musicians, and he is eager to share his knowledge and skills with the vibrant community of Omaha. The 402 is excited to have Zach on board as the new "Recording Studio Coordinator." 

"I love the 402. It's in a great part of town. When you walk the streets of Benson, there's an energy that you feel." ~Zach Lardy

Hear more of Zach's story below!

"As a producer in the 402, I want to be a part of your band and help you make the best possible product that I can." ~Zach Lardy
"My job is to give people the best experience and to give them hope as they are coming out of a session that their music can actually make a difference." ~Zach Lardy

Want to schedule a recording session with Zach? Visit the 402 Recording Page for more details!