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The first ever 24-Hour Art Off took place on December 3rd at 9AM - December 4th at 9AM. Aromas was already buzzing by 9 o'clock that Saturday morning and it really set the vibe for the rest of the day.


The 24-Hour Art Off included the following artists:

Camryn Bowes, an 18 year-old student at Papillion who takes visual art lessons at the 402 Arts Collective. Camryn aspires to write scripts and screenplays one day. 

Elizabeth Davis, a 22 year-old visual artist who graduated in May 2016 from the Kansas City Art Institute in the Animation Department. 

Sydney Chase, a 22 year-old visual artist and Visual Art Instructor at the 402 Arts Collective who attended the Kansas City Art Institute in the Painting Department.

Michael Stevens, a 22 year-old visual artist who attended the School of Art Institute in Chicago and the University of Nebraska Omaha. Michael is also a Visual Art Instructor and Music Instructor at the 402 Arts Collective.


Camryn, Lizzy and Sydney were there for the first couple hours before Michael arrived. Michael is multi-talented and has many hats that he wears, so he was delayed because he was playing violin at a rehearsal that morning. 

The artists used a variety of mediums to create diverse pieces of art. Camryn worked with Acrylic paint and ink, Sydney worked with oil paint and ink, Michael worked with oil paint, and Lizzy used charcoal and paper to make a series that she turned into a gif.


All day Saturday people were in and out of the coffee shop, passing by a large sign, which explained what the artists were doing. The result was lots of intrigued people. The first painting was sold at about noon and the artwork continued to sell rapidly after that.  The artists raised just under $500. People paid what they wanted, so payments ranged from $1 to $100, it just depended. Overall, the artists were pleased on how the event turned out.

There is talk of doing a 12 hour version of this event in the spring (maybe late April) and another one in December of 2017.  

"The open door mission was a great partner during this event and it was so awesome to see people so excited to help out the homeless this holiday season." -Sydney Chase, 402 Visual Art Instructor and host of the 402 24-Hour Art Off.