As the snow begins to melt and the birds return home from their winter in the south, one can hear a low buzz coming from Studio C in downtown Benson.  Old and new band members alike come together to start yet another amazing semester of 402 Rock Academy.

If you or someone you know has ever wanted to be in a band yet didn't know where to start, the 402 Rock Academy is the perfect place.  Each participant takes their skills to the next level by learning how to rock with other musicians as well as refine their own ability on their particular instrument.

The 402 Rock Academy is a 10-week semester.  Each week, one night a week, the bands will meet with their specific 402 Rock Coach who will assist them in becoming a professional rock band. By the end of the semester The 402 hosts a live full blown rock show right here in downtown Benson. 

If you have a desire to see the end product, join the 402 Rock Academy Winter Semester for their Winter Ruckus which will take place on March 20th. Along with enjoying the show by attending this event, you can also meet the 402 Rock Coaches themselves and ask them any and all question in regards to 402 Rock Academy.

Registration is officially opened for the spring semester! If you've ever wanted to rock, now is your time.