After spending the first 23 years of his life in Los Angeles, California, Patrick Duvall made a bold move by uprooting himself and moving to Omaha, Nebraska, to take on the role as "director" for a new program starting at The 402 Arts Collective. This program titled, Musician Collective, aims to provide a unique space in Omaha where young artists gather each week to develop their artistry and learn to be an effective part of a collective. After speaking with Patrick about this program, it is evident that he has a passion for aiming the next generation to becoming musicians that embody humility and excellence. 

"There's musicians of all different skill levels and backgrounds and personalities, so the trick is getting those people to blend together and work together." ~Patrick Duvall

Patrick never envisioned moving to Omaha, Nebraska, until he met a beautiful and musically gifted woman named Kat Stevens, who grew up in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Kat has traveled all over the world using her gift of singing and performance to impact different communities. She will be co-leading Musician Collective as a Voice Coach. About two months ago, the couple transitioned to the Omaha area, got engaged and will be kicking off the first session of Musician Collective on September 6th. Patrick feels that the 402 and Benson community are the ideal place for initiating this program. 

"There's a real heart to nurture and grow the next generation of musicians and artists. I feel like there's something that sets this place apart. So just the thought of being able to be a part of a place like this is an honor, it's awesome, I'm excited." ~Patrick Duvall

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