Many of you have come to a show or a live music event here at #the402 venue since we opened our doors in 2012. We have shared this wonderful space with Hardy Coffee Co all these years and have loved seeing so many amazing music and art events happen inside these walls. We want to thank all of you who have came to a show, donated, supported, and performed in this space. As of November 1st, our organization will no longer be managing this space as a venue. Our Executive Director, Benjamin Shafer is working with the building owner to revamp the space and launch a new initiative that still supports and features local musicians and artists in our community. The mission will still be to create a space where all ages and abilities can come perform on the stage in front of a great intimate audience as well as continue to feature great local visual artists. The good news is, we (The 402 Arts Collective) will still be able to use the space for student recitals, gallery opening, and Monday night Open Mic Night. We love our city and want to help bring as much beauty and color to the scene as possible.


Stop by some time and see our new office space on the East ground floor of THE 402. Located at 2740 N. 60th Ave, you will be able to find the admin staff working away in that space as of November 1st. We excited because this also means that we will be able to have a space for our growing need for classroom space and visual arts work spaces. Stop by some time and we can show you around. Being a 501(c)(3) non-profit we love to be able to meet with anyone who wants to know about our mission and vision so we hope to have more visitors during the day!


This recent change in space, also means that get to build out two additional studios for our drum lesson offerings. We are working to have them finished by the end of November. These studios (J & K) will have acoustic treatments as well has great percussion equipment to suite the needs of any student and instructor.


Many of you may know the great creative initiative/design business that has grown and developed within the walls of the shared space at the 402 over the course of the past 4 years called FRUITFUL DESIGN. They also are making some transition in terms of space. They officially have moved into the North upper level studios at THE 402 Facility. They will be able to expand their efforts in that space and continue to house a number of amazingly talented visual artists and graphic designers. Check them out at:


Hardy Coffee continues to be an amazing hub of community, great coffee, and all around great partner on the corner of 60th Ave and Maple. We are excited to continue to work together to offer an open space all for anyone to come gather and connect. They also continue to grow and expand in our city and are doing some amazing things. Check them out here:

We want to thank you again for supporting our non-profit organization throughout the years. Wether that’s through financial gifts, or simply paying for tuition for yourself or your student. Just this past month we were able to give out over $1400 in financial aid! We are serving just over 320 students per week and have 50 Artists Instructors who make up this amazing network. 6 months ago, we launched our West Omaha satellite studio location and it continues to grow as well. It is so powerful when people pool their resources, work together, and as a COLLECTIVE build something beautiful that impacts lives of people. That’s what it’s all about.


Executive Director
402-913-1939 (office)