Finding the perfect new music to share with others is a daunting task, to say in the least, and it can be especially daunting when you're sharing this music with listeners who pride themselves on their own taste. 

For The 402's new Music Curator, Cody Villarreal, sharing great, new music with the masses is what he lives for. It's been a passion of his since he was young and now Cody has found the perfect venue to share his passion for undiscovered music with people who just need a song to fall in love with.

My goal is to fill the 402 with people who want to hear the absolute best music I can find.
— Cody Villarreal

The entire goal of the 402 venue is to provide an opportunity for musicians to share their talent and hard work, while giving music lovers the chance to experience and enjoy new artists that they can possibly even call their new favorites.

With Cody on the team, that goal is even closer in reach now that the 402 has someone who puts the value of authentic and passion filled music before anything else.

"I'm not a casual listener, and my gut tells me I'm not alone." 

We here at the 402 want nothing more than to bring to you, the music lover, the connoisseur of all things melody, the tune guru, whatever you may call yourself, we just want to bring you artists that you can love and listen to over and over again.

So, if you are someone who longs for a trusted friend who you can count on to consistently bring you great music, you've come to the right place. You've come to the right people. And We can't wait for you to come to our next show.