Brianna Smith, a Michigan native, is the newest member to join The 402 Arts Collective under the title Voice Instructor. Her talented singing voice and impressive list of teaching credentials make her the ideal fit for this position. However, Brianna is using her voice to produce much more than beautiful music. During this video interview, it became evident that Brianna has a heart for the students she teaches. She opened up about her background in music, her position at the 402, and why she believes each person's voice matters. 


Many artists grow up aspiring to be a shining star, trying to get their own voice heard, but Brianna was raised to appreciate the voice that each person has been given. Her experiences with music began in a choir, where she learned the importance of many people coming together to make multi-layered vocal melodies, showcasing voices of all types and tonalities. 

"There's something about voices coming together and the harmony you can create and the different dimensions that you can have when you're bringing different voices together, and especially the more I pursued education and the more I worked with choirs, the more I believed that everyones voice has something to bring to the table." 

In York, Nebraska, Brianna worked with students of all ages, and she expressed her excitement to begin working with students from the Omaha community, Benson in particular.   

"I love helping someone find that voice inside of them and finding ways to pull it out and get them to be their best singer, and when I'm singing, I feel the most like myself and like there is something I can offer, and I love to help other people do that."

Brianna is empowering her students to feel confident with their voice inside and with whatever art form they choose.

"Whether it's singing or playing an instrument or making art, be comfortable with yourself and your love for that and then just find the people that are going to help you achieve your goals and improve upon the things that you love." 

Want to register for vocal lessons with Brianna? Check out her page for more details on how to get signed up!