Celebrating their 41st year of operation,  The Summer Arts Festival will take place on June 5th, 6th & 7th.  The festival highlights different local visual artists and craftsman.  Not only is the event professional and inspirational, it is also family friendly.   The Summer Arts Festival has a whole section dedicated to art and music loving kids

The 402 Arts Collective has been asked to play a role in the Kids Fair this year by participating in the Artist Collectors in Training tent and Family Entertainment Stage.  A.C.T. is a giant tent filled with different art pieces donated by artist who are participating in the festivities.  The art pieces range from small paintings to wood workings to jewelry.  The A.C.T. tent encourages appreciation for art among the youth up to age 10-years-old. Each child is given the tools to visit the artist of the piece they selected.  By visiting the artist, each child has the opportunity to learn the meaning behind their new found treasure.

Along with staffing the A.C.T tent, the 402 also has several slots on the Family Entertainment Stage.  Two of the 402 Rock Academy bands, Random Samples and Outlines, will perform.  Omaha Street Percussion also has a spot on the stage on Saturday.  Be sure to swing by the festival and cheer them on! 

The 402 is honored to play a small role in this amazing festival.  Not only is this festival one of the biggest annual events in Omaha but it is arguably the most inspiring.  Attend this weekend event and meet some amazing artists with astonishing stories.