The Girl Scouts are a vibrant network of young ladies who are striving for excellence in many different fields. Cultivating the communities around them, the Nebraska Girl Scouts approached the 402, amongst other businesses and organizations, to see if the 402 would be interested in hosting a couple art classes.
At the core, the 402 Arts Collective believes that influencing the community in a positive way as well as creating a sense of belonging is important. This idea stems from the fact that we are all better together. Artists, musicians, bakers, car repair, doctors, lawyers, and more all need each other. Together they create a strong town, city, state, region, country and even world. The Girl Scout community shares this point of view.

Cody Wheelock, 402 Visual Art Instructor, decided to take it upon himself to create a workshop for these young ladies to actively express themselves through creativity. This class took place on two Saturday mornings in Studio C.

“The idea was that we were supposed to do a collaborative artwork together for their action,” described Cody Wheelock.

The first Saturday they brainstormed ideas about what the girls loved about living in Omaha. Some of the ideas the girls came up where ranged from Skatedaze to the Omaha Zoo to the “Ball Drop” at the Children’s Museum to even the downtown skyline. The girls then practiced drawing and painting their idea they came up with on a small 9×12 inch panel.

The following Saturday the girls began to paint on one 24×30 inch canvas using all their ideas.

“We did a big heart in the middle with Omaha in bubble letters going across it,” described Wheelock. “Then the girls each painted the place they love in Omaha into it. The background was filled with the colored plastic balls from the ball drop. The end product turned out great!”

The girls were proud of their final product to say the least and now officially have an original collaborative piece of artwork to enter into their action.