Here at The 402 Arts Collective we have just put the finishing touches on a new addition to our Lesson Studio program. We are now offering memberships!. Whats this mean for you? Maybe its easier to just lay out for you the two different membership levels and a description of the discounts and perks you receive for each:

With this 12 month membership you can choose between either “express” – 30min or “standard” – 60min lessons every week with your artist instructor here at The 402. The cost of your lessons are paid automatically on the first of every month for a 12 month period with your credit or debit card information submitted. You are asked to agree to a 12 month commitment. If you choose to cancel your membership within that 12 month period you may do so at any time, however there is a $100 cancellation fee. This is nice for those who don’t want to worry about paying their bills on time every month. For signing up for this 12 month commitment you receive the following perks:

- 15% off gift card (key ring) to Aromas Coffeehouse – 402 Arts Collective T-Shirt – 402 “Golden Ticket” (this gets you free admission for 1 person to all events held at The 402 Venue for an entire year) – Free admission for one(1) person to attend two(2) group lessons or classes offered within the 12 month period at The 402

*anyone who receives weekly lessons for an entire year gets an automatic 4 lessons for free (months that contain 5 weeks)

With an Annual membership you simply pay upfront the cost of 52 weeks of lessons within the 402 Lesson Studio program. This gives you a guaranteed 52 weeks of lessons for you or your student. Anyone who signs up for this membership receives the same perks as the monthly membership only you will also receive a 10% discount on the cost of 52 lessons.

MUSIC AND ART LESSONS THAT GIVE BACK! One of the most exciting developments happening in 2015 at The 402 Arts Collective is the fact that we are posturing ourselves to give and serve like never before. For the past year, all of us in the Collective have really focused on growing our Lesson Studio program and offering high quality music and art lessons to as many people as we can. Now, we are asking for your help… We are partnering with various mentoring programs this year to begin to offer high quality art and music mentorship to the un-reached, underserved, and underprivileged young artists in our city. We need your help to make this happen. We have set up a fund that is designed to help underwrite this activity as well as offer scholarships and fiscal aide to families who cannot afford lessons for their student. The collective is made up of artists who have a passion to make a positive, long lasting impact on a child’s life through music and art mentorship. This is why we are asking for you to consider donating 10% over and above your monthly cost of receiving lessons at The 402 Lesson Studio. When you sign up for one of our two memberships we simply ask you if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of an additional 10% of your tuition amount to our mentorship program fund.


To sign up for a membership or to get further information simply contact our office:

Ben Shafer, Executive Director