It’s officially the holiday season here in Omaha. You might find yourself filled with the holiday cheer and the warm fuzzies that comes with Christmas shopping.  This may, however, not be true for you.  You may, like many others, dread going out in the blistering cold, fighting the long lines and the traffic in and out of shopping centers.  This is why online was invented.  Well that’s not completely true, but this is why online shopping was created.
With online shopping you no longer have to fight the long line for that one toy that will go out of stock any minute now.  You will never have to worry if your wasting your time driving out to a specific shoe store hoping they have the right size in the correct style. No, with online shopping Christmas has never been easier. has taken it a step further.  Not only are they similar to Walmart in which they have just about everything under the sun, they also have created Amazon Smile to help support organizations.  

They even created a slogan: “You shop. Amazon gives.”

Here is how it work: you log into your amazon account through Amazon Smile.  You then click the organization of your choice.  

The 402 Arts Collective is fortunate to be one of those organizations.

 After this you begin to shop for those Christmas present for loved ones through Amazon Smile (not all items are under the Amazon Smile umbrella).  Once you have found an item and ordered it, Amazon donates 0.5% of your purchase to the organization.

0.5% may seem like a small number but imagine if everyone who was shopping online was using Amazon Smile.  There are no hidden fees or extra costs, Amazon Smile donates some of their profit from your purchase to an organization.

Our ask this year is if you would consider choosing The 402 as your organization of choice as you shop on Amazon Smile.

 This will help new students walk through our doors who may not have been able to before your gift through Amazon Smile.  

All of us from the the 402 would like to thank you in advance for your participation in Christmas shopping this holiday season.  Happy shopping!