Stepping into the 402 office on a chilly afternoon, Ayden Owens sat himself in one of the green cushion chairs in the conference room. His mom, Polly Owens, stationed herself next to Ayden during his interview with the 402. Both mom and son were excited to share their personal perspectives on the 402 Lesson Studios.
Ayden, thirteen-years-old, is the middle child as well as the only boy in his family. Although surrounded by girls, Ayden told the 402 that his whole family has one thing in common.

“Music,” he had said with a grin.

From his sisters, to parents, to great grandparents, Ayden described that he wasn’t alone in his passion for music.

Ayden has played the violin for just about three and a half years. He also tells the 402 that he “sort of” plays the dulcimer. “You’re working on the learning the dulcimer too,” he had said as he looked up at his mom. “Not very hard,” replied Polly assuring the 402 with a smile. Ayden’s sisters play the piano and his dad plays the guitar.

“Ayden’s great grandfather conducted and wrote the music for the Union Pacific Railroad and his great grandmother played piano for silent movies,” informed Polly. Also his grandparents had met performing at The University of Nebraska Omaha.

“We have very rich heritage of music in our family,” Polly had said.

The Owens’ first heard about the 402 from life long family friends, the Thompsens. Sara Thomsen is currently a piano instructor at the 402. “They told us you need to check it out,” described Polly. “So we did just that,” Ayden tells the 402 that he currently takes lessons from Danny Sabra. Not only does he showcase his talent in recitals, Ayden also takes what he has learned from his lessons and implements it in a string group at his church.

When asked what his goals are with music, he smiled and said, “Well I like the idea of a hobby, however, I do like the idea of being a professional.”

He has a strong passion for learning the violin and has a drive that many students his age do not have.

“That’s exactly him,” described Polly as she had smiled with pride at her son. As a mature young man, Ayden knows the difficulties that come with learning a new instrument.

When asked what his advice would be to those who are considering taking music lessons, he replied,

“Try it out!”

His can-do attitude should inspire anyone who is thinking about trying out either a new instrument or refining already developed skills. Polly told the 402 that she hadn’t known a lot about the organization before getting involved.

“We just kinda jumped in. But what I thought was neat and what I learned at the recital is how much of a non-profit and ministering to the community the 402 does. That’s huge. I love being apart of that bigger picture.”