Naomi Turner and her mom Barb, sat down with the 402 on an early Monday morning. Just in the next room, young preschoolers where learning the art of rhythm.  Naomi sat her cello behind her seat and sat up straight. She smiled at the noise coming through the wall. While the continuous beat and the rattling of shakers played in the background, the 402 asked Naomi and Barb a few questions about their experience at the 402 Lessons Studios. 

“I have been playing the cello since the 4th grade,” Naomi described.  When asked why she picked the cello in the first place she laughed and said,

“Because everyone else in the class picked the violin and I didn’t want to be like that.”

 Naomi will be starting high school this fall.  She told the 402 that she is a excited but a little nervous.  She has participated in orchestra since the 4th grade and will continue this school year. 

Barb told the 402 that her daughter first started taking lessons at the 402 in June. After starting lessons, Naomi said one of the first things she learned was how to play the right notes.  “In orchestra they don’t go around to each person and say, ‘This is how your hand is supposed to look.’ I also didn’t straddle my cello before, instead I used to sit to the side of it,” she then demonstrated with an imaginary cello in hand. “So I have changed a good deal I’d say.” When asked why she decided to start taking her lessons her face lit up.  “Well I am doing a pageant in November and it is the first time I am required to do a talent.  So I thought that since I already play the cello, might as well enhance my skills for my performance.” 

Music is a fun extra curricular activity for Naomi.

She told the 402 that her biggest dream is to become a fashion designer like her dad.  “My dad has two fashion lines already! So I kind of want to follow in his footsteps,” described Naomi with a big smile.

When asked the question who has the biggest influence over her music, Naomi looked over at her mom, “Am I the only one in our family that plays music?” Her mom nodded her head in response and added, “Well Grandpa did play the flute and Papa messes around with the guitar a little.  Her dad and I along with her brothers, however, don’t play.” Although her family doesn’t actually play music,  Naomi says they still have a huge appreciation for music and are supportive.  She also added that she likes listening to cello music in her free time. 

The 402 turned to Barb and asked how she and Naomi first heard about the 402. She responded with,“We have friends whose son plays drums here. I had seen his mom post a few things and he seemed like he got pretty good pretty quickly. I thought, ‘Oh wow!’” Barb smiled.  “So I emailed her asking where her son takes lessons. She told us about this place. So thats how I knew that we should come here.” When asked if her view had changed at all since being here Barb continued, “I think it has been really good for her to come here. She hasn’t felt intimidated at all. She didn’t know if she would be meeting a teacher who would be really strict,” she chuckled.  “Conner has a really good way of teaching her. They sit and laugh, a lot!”

“Oh he said how I hold the cello,” Naomi chimed in. “Pretend that there is a baby duck in between your palm and the neck and if you squeeze the cello to hard you are going to crush the egg. Then the egg can’t grow up and live a happy long life.” Everyone laughed.

“Whenever I start I am like, ‘Okay my baby egg is fine, my thumb is happy and I’m not killing the cello,’” smiled Naomi.

Naomi was asked if she had any advice for those who thought about taking music or art lessons, her response was this, “They should do it and it is a really a lot of fun.  Usually lessons aren’t but these are.” Be looking out for Naomi Turner because who knows, maybe one day she will be Miss America.