Summer is officially in full swing here in Omaha.  As the sun’s rays beam down upon the city, work continues as usual in the 402 office.  From the regular office work to the start of new applications, the 402 has a lot of upcoming events as well as new opportunities.  One of these new endeavors is the “Music and Art Sponsorship Program.”

A few weeks ago was the second Omaha Gives! annual fundraising event. Omaha Gives! is a 24-hour event were one can go online and donate ($10 being the minimum) to the organization of their choice. Once the 24-hours is finished, a percentage of what was raised  is amplified by the Omaha Community Foundation. OCF works with business and corporations in matching funds and prize money.  

During Omaha Gives!, the 402 raised over $3,000 which will go into the “Music and Art Sponsorship Program” fund.  Thanks to all of you who donated during the event.  Due to the donations, 38+ students can partake in one month of thirty-minute music and/or art lessons for free. The 402  will be able to launch this program just in time for the next school year. 

Coming soon will be an application form that will allow people to apply for sponsorship.  The 402 wants to offer a way for anyone to partake in music and art lessons.  Nothing should hinder or come in the way of learning a new art form.  If someone is passionate and has a desire to learn and yet has no financial way of doing so, the 402 wants to take away that burden and in return give them an outlet to learn.  Filling out an application will not guarantee sponsorship, however as the sponsorship fund grows, more and more aspiring artists and musicians will be able to pursue their dreams.   

Give to the 402 “Music and Art Sponsorship Fund” today.