The 402 was so pleased to sit down with the student of the month, Kirsten Fletter.  Kirsten is currently an acoustic guitar student of The 402 Artist Instructor Jose Franco.  Kirsten, a young 20-something, walked into the office lugging her big guitar case behind her.  Agreeing to have a quick interview before one of her lessons, Kirsten sat her guitar down with a big smile.

Kirsten starting singing when she was 2-years-old.  She tells the 402 that her grandpa as well as her great grandma were great singers.  “Also my aunt did some recording stuff and she sang with Harry Connick Senior at a couple shows.  She was more into jazz.  I suppose it runs in the family, for the most part,” she chuckled.  

Growing up Kirsten’s after school activities involved city choir, which she started when she was in the 2nd grade, as well as voice lessons.  When she entered high school she was apart of show choir and a singing group in college. “I went to college at Purdue University. I moved to Omaha three years ago and I currently work at Conagra Foods and travel mainly to Canada for work,” described Kirsten.  

When posed with the question: Why take lessons now? Kirsten smiled and said that she is involved in her worship group at Beautiful Savior. “This is actually where I first met Jose.  He played in the same group as I did.  We recently just launched a new service and I am co-leading with a couple other people so I don’t get to see Jose as much.” Due to this new development, Kirsten believes that learning guitar would benefit her in many ways.  “It would be nice to be able to back-up my singing without always relying on a band.” She told the 402 that she is interested in learning the piano evidentially.     

“I feel like Jose is taking a unique approach.  I don’t know how other lessons go, but we started out with picking songs that I wanted to learn and we learned those chords.  Right away I was interested because I wanted to learn those songs. It wasn’t the typical ‘heres this note, heres that note.‘” Kirsten went on to say that Jose has asked her to assemble her own song. “I have always wanted to learn how to write music so this is a step in that direction.  It is forcing me to think more creatively rather then just learning what others have done.  He is allowing me to come up with my own things which is really cool.” This structor enables Kirsten to focus on what she needs to work on in particularly. 

“It makes me want to practice because I want to learn those songs.” 

One question the 402 Arts Collective is asked on a regular bases is, “Are your lessons only for kids?” The answer to that question is a very short and sweet, no. However our lessons are children appropriate, it is geared from the ages 3-years-old to 100-years-old.  Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “You’re never to young or to old to learn!” Although Kirsten is far from old, she is a hard working individual who works full time and yet finds the time to learn. 

“If you are interested in something then you should just try it.  I think it gives you a way to have an outlet.  I mean having a full time job gets very stressful and even outside of work hours I still think about what I need to be doing for work or how behind I am.  To have something else that you are working on and seeing yourself get better at is a boost in confidence and sets you up for success in other outlets.”  

If you have a desire to learn, never let the fear of trying something new hold you back.  You’re never to old to learn.