Jonah Stratman is thirteen-years-old and is in the 7th grade. He is a current a drum student of The 402 Artist Instructor, Kyle Moeller. Jonah has been taking lessons from Kyle for a little over a year now.

He tells the 402 that he loves to drum and has a huge passion for learning.

Jonah used to take part in band through a homeschool group. Although he learned the fundamentals of drumming, Jonah wanted more. He was tired of learning the basics and had a desire to learn different skills in drumming. So he told his parents he was done with band and began searching for other outlets to invest his time and energy in as well as beginning drum lessons at the 402.

Jonah currently incorporates rhythm in day to day activities such as dance. Jonah tells the 402 that he takes hip hop dance lessons. He is also actively involved in gymnastics. Both go hand and hand with his drum lessons here at the 402. Being aware of the music and rhythm, Jonah describes that he has to take into account the beat and movement as he dances.

A person who Jonah admires is his older brother who plays the guitar. “Growing up we were all into music,” describes Jonah. Now that he plays the drums, Jonah can jam with his oldest brother which has sparked his interest in being in a band. Although he isn’t in a band currently, Jonah is sure in the near future he will be.

“My parents have also had a huge influence on my drumming. They are very supportive,” describes Jonah. When asked what musician he looks up to the most Jonah response with, “I would say Kyle. He is such a good drummer.”

Jonah describes his experience at The 402 as a good one.

With a great atmosphere and filled with people who are always encouraging, Jonah finds himself comfortable and has the confidence to asks questions without feeling judged. Jonah says he has a love for practicing at home and at the 402 which has really assisted him in the learning process.

In the middle of the interview with the 402, Jonah looked up as Kyle Moeller walked into the room.

“Can I sit here?” asked Kyle with a grin as he pointed to a chair next to Jonah.

“No,” said Jonah with a straight face. Then he laughed. “Yah go ahead,” he said with a smile.

At that moment the 402 then turns to Joi Stratman, Jonah’s mom, and asks her perspective of the 402 and her experiences. Kyle Moeller turns with a worried look and said, “Maybe I shouldn’t sit here…” Everyone laughed.

“No it’s been amazing,” described Joi.

“When Jonah was in homeschool band, he tolerated it but he didn’t like it very much. He honestly just wanted to play. He wanted to learn different skills and that is when we came across the 402,” said Joi then she paused. She looked at her son and smiled. “It is very rarely that he doesn’t practice. I grew up playing instruments, I know it’s hard to practice everyday. He doesn’t have that problem now. Band was more focused on fundamentals which served him well but a year or so of that along with some private lessons which were both rudimentary, he needed something more.” The 402 met him at his level and has pushed him ever since. Kyle was a good fit for Jonah and they both enjoy practicing and learning together.

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