Sitting across the conference table from the 402, Kyle leaned back in his seat and said, “I tend to ramble… So we will see how this goes.”
Kyle Moeller plays a huge role at The 402 Arts Collective. He is currently one of two drum instructors who teach at The 402. His face can be seen on a regular bases in and around the studios. Whether he is picking up something from the office or headed to his next lesson, Kyle is not only a reliable musician but he is also very talented.

Kyle was born in Lincoln but moved to Omaha when he was nine. He attended college at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Nebraska for Audio Engineering. Born and raised in Nebraska, Kyle recalls his earliest musical memory.

“My dad bought me a golf set when I was seven and I never did use it for golf,” laughed Kyle. “Instead I would take the golf clubs, set them upside down in the couch. This made them look like microphones. Me and my sisters would then put on “concerts” for the family. I have always enjoyed music for as long as I can remember.”

Young Kyle experienced concert band when he was in fifth grade as a beginner drummer. He trudged through the tedious curriculum until thirteen-years-old, when he finally convinced his parents to let him quite.

Kyle explained that learning the fundamental skills are important and vital but at the time he wanted to experience more.

He wanted to be in his very own rock and roll band. Thirteen-years-old Kyle realized he needed a drum set to actually achieve that goal. “I ended up finally getting my first drum set when I was fourteen.”

“I will say however, I had signed up for high school marching band and like a week before my freshman year I dropped out. I do regret that. If my background had more of the technical aspect, I think it would help my drumming.”

From as early as he can remember, Kyle would always find the rhythm in a song. “I always gravitated towards the drums.”

Kyle really started to love drumming after getting his first drum set and was in several different bands. One person who encouraged him to really stick with drums was Jason Blayney.

“Jason used to live two houses from me growing up and at the time he was in a band called Lower case i. He would come down to my house on a regular bases. I had my crappy beginner drum set and he would tune it for me and play on it. He would show me bands that I thought were cool and then we would try to play like them. I really admired him and the way that he played.” Kyle goes on to say that is how he learned how to tune his drum set. “So I thought if I stuck with it maybe I could be like him.” Jason is currently a member of the band Orphans Cry with the 402’s very own, Dave Owens and Willy Roberts.

A couple years ago Kyle really felt called to move to the Benson area to start a ministry that would bring musicians together on a weekly bases. “I had this idea to do ministry by bringing musicians together, probably meeting in my basement,” he chuckled. “The house we got, I specifically got for that purpose. The main level was enough for living and the basement would be my space.”

“The goal was to have a “revolving door” of musicians and that was around the time when Ben Shafer told me about the 402.”

Kyle decided to join forces with the 402 which also meant that his vision didn’t have to be housed in his basement any longer. Kyle really believed in The 402 Arts Collective’s main mission from the start.

Once Kyle heard about the 402 Arts Collective he was then asked to teach. Hesitant at first Kyle agreed to try it out. Kyle honestly admits he had never had any passion to teach before being asked but he was willing to try. He explains to the 402 that teaching has really surprised him.

“This whole process has been so rewarding for me. The past year and half has just been a huge blessing. It has impacted my drumming because I got to a point where I thought I was kind of a one trick pony. Now I’m challenging myself as I challenge my students. It’s been good for me so I hope its been good for the students.”

Kyle Moeller says the most important thing about learning is to still have a good time. If you aren’t enjoying what you are learning then you won’t want to continue learning. This idea is relevant when learning music. He wants his students to have a good time but he also wants them to be constantly challenged in everything that they do. If they enjoy learning however, no challenge is to great and they can reach their ultimate goals in anything that they try to achieve.