You may be sitting on your laptop or smart phone right now, either at home or work, wondering why there is so much buzz about Omaha Gives! on your newsfeed. Maybe you have heard about Omaha Gives! but do not how to get involved, or maybe you just need more information. If one of these scenarios relates to you, you are in the right place. Let us start with a little history. Omaha Gives! started with The Omaha Community Foundation. The Omaha Community Foundation has been helping people and organizations since 1982. Raising more then $906 million dollars for over 300,000 charitable organizations, The Omaha Community Foundation has a base of donors who care about the Omaha community. The charities that have received donations from Omaha Gives! range from education, human service groups, the arts and more.

Now let’s move to logistics. Omaha Gives! is an online database that enables The Omaha Community Foundation to have an event that is easily accessible to everyone. This is the second Omaha Gives! annual fundraising event. Omaha Gives! is a 24-hour event were one can go online and donate ($10 being the minimum) to the organization of their choice. Once the 24-hours is finished, however much is raised per charitable organization is then matched or at least amplified by the Omaha Community Foundation. OCF works with business and corporations in matching funds and prize money.

So what does all this mean for The 402 Arts Collective?

Many non-profits as well as other charitable organizations sign-up to be on a list to receive donations from this amazing annual event. When a person donates to Omaha Gives! they are able to pick the organization of their choice to help fund. The 402 Arts Collective is on this list for 2014.

Omaha Gives! kicks off on May 21, 2014.

The giving will take place from midnight to midnight. All event-related donations must be made at during that 24-hour period.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 towards our Art and Music Lesson Sponsorship Fund

– that we are excited to make available this available to the public. We at the 402, would love your support and donation through this amazing event hosted by The Omaha Community Foundation.  Starting at 7pm on May 21st there will be an Omaha Give! party in The 402. Join us of an evening filled with great music and connect with others in the artistic community. See you there!