On a chilly afternoon in downtown Benson, Chloe Shepherd and her mother, Beth Shepherd, walked into The 402’s office with warm smiles on their faces.  Rachel Scott, a voice instructor at The 402 Arts Collective, told The 402 that Chloe was a perfect fit for the new blog series called, Student Spotlight of the Month.  “Not only is she talented but she also works hard at her art form,” says Rachel.  Sitting down across the table, Chloe shared a little bit about herself and her musical endeavors as a young singer.

“In elementary school I took a music class which was required but I always loved it,” said Chloe describing one of her earliest memories of pursuing music.  She was also involved in a program at her elementary school which required them to practice twice a week and hosted a musical at the end of the year. “I’ve always loved music.”

Chloe is now 13-years-old and has been taking voice lessons from Rachel Scott for a little over a year and a half.  Not only has she learned more about singing, but Chloe has also learned different techniques.  All of these technical skills she implements in her other musical outlets. This past semester she took a music class at her middle school and currently plays a part in her school’s show choir.

Chloe says taking lessons at The 402 has helped in many ways. “I can bring in music to Rachel and she gives me pointers. If I’m trying out for a solo at school she can help me with it. She helps me get better.” As Chloe is growing up, she sees herself pursuing music for a long time. “I want to do something with singing when I get older. I want to become the best that I can so that when I’m ready, I can do it.” Chloe is also a member of a band. The band consists of two guitarists, a bass player, drummer, saxophone player, pianist, and another singer along with Chloe. They had their first performance was this past Saturday.

Without her parents, Chloe said she wouldn’t have been able to pursue music as far as she has.  “They support me in many ways.” Beth told The 402, “Everything has been really positive here. Rachel is amazing. She listens to Chloe and cares about her opinions.  She doesn’t try to change Chloe’s style which is really important to us. The recitals have been so great to have here because we can invite grandma and grandpa to come out and watch. It’s just been so great.”

When asked what advice she would give someone who was thinking about taking lessons at The 402, Chloe responded with, “If they want to they definitely should. It’s good because of the recitals which allows us to showcase our work and what we’ve learned. It’s just a lot of fun!”

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