“I’m a nerd and I get into my music. My keyboard is in my apartment on a cheap stand, so I hit the wall a lot. Even though I may be wearing headphones while I play, my neighbors definitely know when I’m practicing,” said Roxanne Steinbrink laughing. “I should probably fix this.”

This month’s Artist Spotlight is featuring Roxanne Steinbrink.  Roxanne is passionate about music and about teaching. She started playing classical piano when she was five and participated in thirteen years of piano lessons.  During those thirteen years, she took lessons from the same teacher. “Not only did my instructor get to see me grow up physically, but she also was a huge part of my  musical development,” explained Roxanne when recalling her earliest musical memory. Having a positive experience with her music teacher, Roxanne wants to have a similar relationship with her students.

Although her piano teacher played a huge part in her life, Roxanne tells the 402 that her grandmother has always been her biggest inspiration. “She was the first of nine kids.  My grandma played saxophone and loved music passionately.  That kind of love for music has been passed down from generation to generation in my family,” explained Roxanne. “My brother played piano as well as me when he was younger but decided to pursue sports.  He jokes and says if he had stuck with it that he would be better then me. I guess we will never know,” she said with a smirk.

Roxanne explains however that she didn’t always love music.  In elementary school she dreaded going to piano lessons.  Her mother told her if she didn’t go she would have to pay for that lesson. “Let’s just say, I went,” said Roxanne.  Roxanne explained later that she learned to love every aspect about learning piano. That kind of passion is important to Roxanne. She wants her students to experience that kind of devotion and ultimately enjoy the learning process.

Roxanne saw this kind of passion this past summer. She volunteered at Omaha Girls Rock as one of the piano instructors.  Omaha Girls Rock is a week long music camp.  The girls who attend learned to be confident in their music form and gain self respect through music.  “I had around ten girls in my piano group. The girls were super shy at first but by the end of the week, became confident young musicians.  It’s amazing what music can do,” said Roxanne.

When asked how she heard about the 402, Roxanne responded with, “You know, I think one of my friends liked the 402 page on Facebook. I just love that it is a community of artists and thought, ‘I want to be apart of this!’ When I moved to Omaha two years ago, I really wanted to start teaching and get involved but I just didn’t know how to get my name out or to network.  The 402 was just a perfect fit for me. I’m so excited to finally get started!”

Roxanne Steinbrink is a talented musician who has a passion to teach. When asked: What is one thing that you wants your students to walk away with after taking lessons from you? Roxanne smiled and responded with, “Well, music is like a story. I want my students to be able to express themselves.  I hope my students can walk out of the room with a new found confidence in their music but ultimately learn how to tell their own story through music.”

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