On a Wednesday afternoon at the 402, a smiling Lizzie Ratliff walked through the door. She had previously agreed to sit down and tell us a little bit about herself. Taking off her big yellow scarf and hanging up her coat, she got comfortable and began talking about her art form. She told the 402 that her main focus is vocal, however she does play piano and a little guitar.
“I actually started singing down the street at Saint Paul’s Methodist church when I was in middle school,” said Lizzie as she described her earliest singing memories. Her uncle and grandmother both preached at the church and although Lizzie and her family didn’t personally go there, they would put on musicals for the congregation. When asked who influenced her singing the most, Lizzie responded with her parents.

“It would probably be both my mom and dad. They both sing and my dad plays the guitar. Growing up they always sang at weddings and I have so many memories of them practicing together. So I would definitely say that my mom and dad have a huge impact on me and my music.”

When asked the question, “Why teach now?” Lizzie responded with a story about her day to day high school singing experience. She didn’t have the opportunity to really explore new ways of singing at her school, instead she was involved in a class where there was a set curriculum that every student went through.

Lizzie graduated from Nebraska Christian College in 2012 with a Worship Arts Degree. During her time at Nebraska Christian College she helped teach high school students that attended a summer program hosted by the college called New Way Singers. “I would audition the soloists and work with them personally, sort of like a mentorship,” described Lizzie. She was actually apart of New Way Singers when she was a high school student and attended the summer program her Sophomore year.

“I just loved it so much that I went back the next year. At that point, I decided this is what I want to do with the rest of my life.” Excited to take music to the next level, Lizzie described how she got the opportunity to finally explore different types of music through New Way Singers and her college experience. Her goal is to share this knowledge and experience with her students.

I just want to assist them and build their confidence. Creating music classes around the individual rather then having a set plan for everyone

“I really want someone to walk in to their first music lesson and I say, ‘What do you want to do? What do you want to do with your singing? Where do you want to go with your music?’ I just want to assist them and build their confidence. Creating music classes around the individual rather then having a set plan for everyone. I’m just excited to walk along side someone in their musical journey,” Lizzie said with a big smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye.

Lizzie Ratliff is a talented young woman who has a gift that she wants to share with aspiring musicians. Learn more about Lizzie and register to take vocal lessons with her today!