Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What makes AIM different than other musical playgroups?

A- Our parents. The instructors that support AIM have one thing in mind… Help empower parents to guide their children through passive, yet intentional methods of teaching. Though the child’s “growth” is a great way to measure the impact of AIM, logically speaking, I think the true difference is noticed in the evolution of relationship between parent and child.


Q-Why does AIM concentrate on using adult music for their playgroup instead of nursery rhymes? Is nursery rhyme music considered inferior?

A- No. The reason nursery rhymes and other types of music are equal in value to a child is because of one factor…. They are introduced with love from the caretaker or parent. This is the pillar of the AIM philosophy. However, we believe it is more fulfilling to our parents to watch as their children recognize and differentiate between different types of music in real-world settings. You are simply more likely to run into a classic tune from the jazz era than twinkle twinkle little star in a grocery store… and that's the plan.


Q-Does AIM meet on nights or weekends, or will it only be scheduled during “banker’s hours”?

A-That depends on supply and demand. If you can only attend play sessions during times that aren't currently available, we still want to know you and your child! Occasionally, we may offer weekend events for free, or we may even be able to accommodate the request for a weekend class if there is enough interest. We are truly compelled to serve our community, so please, never hesitate to contact the program director if this your situation. We will keep you front of mind when developing new class planning.


Q-My baby is only two months old and doesn't even speak yet, can this approach be any different than me playing music for her at home?

A- Perhaps, perhaps not. The difference is made by learning the components of how music can be leveraged in the development of your child, and in what way it should be delivered to be the most effective. That is a fancy way of saying, yes it can be the same experience at home, but that is only after you, as a parent, learn the tools to illustrate the pieces of music that are most beneficial to your kiddo. Also, only after you learn how to set up that lesson to be the most effective. So, you can do a lot of research to figure that out, or you can come play with us and try out what we feel like are great tips to achieving these things in a social play setting, and to be duplicated at home.


Q-If I have more than one child, is the monthly tuition fee $40 for each child?

A- No. It's $40 for the first child, and $35 for additional children.


Q-Can I just drop in to a class, or do I have to reserve a spot by registering them online?

A- You may drop in; however, you will still be required to register the child and sign the appropriate waivers to attend the class, which can be done on-site. Also, registration holds a spot for you and your child. We cannot guarantee that we will have space without registration.


Q-Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A- Membership is monthly and can be cancelled any time after that month’s sessions are up. If you decide not to complete the month, you will not be refunded the balance, but you are not obligated to be a member the next month.


Q-What are the ages you serve in your AIM musical playgroup?

A- Ages 0-5. We have three classes: Infant, Toddler, and pre-K. In general, we consider infants to be 12 months or less, Toddler to be 12mos to 2 1/2, and pre-K to be anything above that until the age of 5. But, we rely on our parents to use their judgement on placement. If we need to move your child up or down a “level”, we can certainly accommodate that.


Q-What am I expect during a play session?

A-Regardless of the instructor, you will always find activities that address the concepts or rhythm, movement, emotion, and communication within the class. They may be sneaky about how they incorporate these lessons so kids just think they are playing, but they will always be present. We use our bodies, voices, instruments and brains to work through the material. All of which is provided on location, so there's no need to bring anything but yourself.


Q-Can I feed my baby during class, or will I be asked to leave.

A- Of course! A full baby is a happy baby! We are a nursing, bottle, whatever-you-need-to-do class. Go for it. Also, if your baby is easily distracted, there are quieter spaces nearby to visit during the session if need be.


Q-Why get a membership as opposed to just dropping in?

A- It saves you money, and you are given priority moving into the following month if your membership is on auto pay. The class size is limited, so if you auto-renew your membership, drop ins cannot be purchased by others if the member has already held their spot-on auto-renew.


Q-If this group is part of the 402 Collective, why is it hosted at a church? Is this a religious group?

A- No, it is not a religious music play group. The Citylight Benson church was gracious enough to accept our offer to lease teaching space from them and are happy to have us! We are happy to have a space that is much more open, quiet, and ideal for teaching small children than any space that would be available at the collective in downtown Benson. The ability to have access to great parking, an outdoor courtyard and stage (connected to the teaching space!) and to be off the busy intersection of 61st and maple, is much more fitting for parents that must safely escort their kids to their destination (with enormous diaper bags in tow!).


Q-Who can I talk to for any other questions I might have?

A- ANYONE at the 402 Collective. We cherish our child pupils and parents. Sarah B, the program director, has placed her cellular phone number as the primary number to call for any information needed. However, if for some reason she is unavailable, and you need help quickly, any administration staff at the collective will be happy to help! Just call the main number and we will do our best to serve you.