Every Monday night starting at 7PM, the 402 hosts an open mic.  It takes place in the heart of the downtown Benson area at The 402 Music venue: 6051 Maple St. Omaha, NE, 68104 

All ages and abilities are welcomed on The 402 stage.  The 402 believe that amateur musicians learn most from just "doing" as well as being mentored by advanced musicians.  You are the perfect artist for the 402 Open Mic whether you are just getting started with performing in public or are a seasoned professional. Bring your instrument of choice to The 402, and get your name on the list by coming to the 402 at 6:30PM (first come first serve). The first performer takes the stage at 7pm and the final performance is at 9:30pm. Each performer gets 15min.

Learn, Create and connect with local musicians. The 402 open mic is for all ages.


402 Open Mic