The 402 Gallery is a professional space located in downtown Benson.  Serving multiple purposes, the 402 Gallery is a space for local artists as well as national artists to showcase their work.  We have the privilege in sharing our spaces with local coffeeshop Aromas Coffeehouse. Not only do we have people walking through our doors for concerts and events but also during business hours and on the weekends.  This is what makes the 402 Gallery stand out from other local galleries in the Omaha area. 

If you are interested in showing your work at The 402 Gallery, fill out the Gallery Application located below and you will contacted by our Visual Art Curator. Each featured artist is able to showcase their work for an entire month.  The featured artist also has the opportunity to host their very own gallery opening that enables them to mingle, talk about their work as well as sell artwork.  The 402 strives to have these openings each Benson First Friday which takes place every first Friday of every month. 

The 402 also sells current work which is on display via the web.  Check out the current artist work below.  If you are interested in purchasing a current work you can do so here. 



The work on display at the 402 Arts Collective Gallery this month was produced by a unique group of very talented youth. These youth were identified as strong and resilient children who’s label of “artist” has at times been overshadowed by other labels. These youth were asked to consider the theme “Inside Out” when creating their art. Many of the children allowed themselves to really consider those words and in doing so let their emotions bleed onto the canvas.


One artist wrote of her work, “My drawing symbolizes the mask many people with mental health wear. The words, ‘I’m Fine’ hold a deeper meaning than others may realize. I decided to crumple my drawing to portray throwing away the negative past I have gone through.”


Another artist said of her painting, “The side they never see is always hidden on the inside.”


This month, we are excited to illuminate the artist within these youth and allow their talent to shine a light outward.


Do you have a collection of work that you would like to display and show to the public and would like to potentially sell? Fill out an application below to be considered to be one of our monthly artist features. This involves a month long showing of your work in our public gallery space. This cafe style space shares the space with Hardy Coffee Co. It begins on the Benson wide BFF (Benson first Friday) Event 6-9pm.


An important aspect of growing as a visual artist practitioner, is learning the process of curating work and creating a collection that would potentially be out for public purchase. The “kids art gallery” space located at The 402 provides the space for that.

Location -
The 402 Art Gallery

6051 Maple Street
Omaha, NE 68104

(402) 913-1939